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Libros de Kate Zambreno

  • Mi Libro Madre, Mi Libro Monstruo

    • 228 páginas
    • Escrito a lo largo de trece años, Mi libro madre, mi libro monstruo es una tierna e inquietante reflexión de Kate Zambreno sobre la capacidad de la escritura, la fotografía y la memoria para abrazar las sombras cuando nos encontramos...
    20,00€ 19,00€
  • To Write As If Already Dead

    • To Write As If Already Dead circles around Kate Zambreno's failed attempts to write a study..
    21,06€ 20,01€
  • Screen Tests: Stories And Other Writing

    • A new work equal parts observational micro-fiction and cultural criticism reflecting on the..
    15,90€ 15,11€
  • Appendix Project: Talks And Essays

    • On the ongoing project of writing about grief; Zambreno's addendum to Book of..
    12,24€ 11,63€
  • Book Of Mutter

    • 216 páginas
    • A fragmented, lyrical essay on memory, identity, mourning, and the mother.. Writing..
    16,03€ 15,23€
  • Heroines

    • I am beginning to realize that taking the self out of our essays is a form of repression. Taking
    13,07€ 12,42€