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Libros de Daniel Quinn

  • The Book Of The Damned

    • The book for which I'm best known, Ishmael, came into being over a twelve-year period,..
    6,72€ 6,38€
  • The Teachings: That Came Before And After Ishmael

    • My novel Ishmael was a slow starter. In its early years it had only a few thousand readers. But..
    19,34€ 18,38€
  • The Invisibility Of Success: Black & White Edition

    • Thirteen essays and speeches delivered (among others) at the University of Georgia Center for..
    10,59€ 10,06€
  • Ismael

    • 256 páginas
    • Ismael und sein Schüler führen ein Streitgespräch über die Unbewohnbarkeit der Erde, darüber daß der Mensch das Paradies in eine Hölle verwandelt hat. Der Lehrer weiß eine Antwort auf die Frage, wie der Mensch...
    10,69€ 10,16€
  • Ishmael

    • 263 páginas
    • A man and a great ape conduct a series of philosophical conversations in a work that presents a new vision of evolution and humankind and asks the question: does the Earth belong to humans, or do humans belong to the Earth?
    15,77€ 14,98€