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Libros de Andreu Martín

  • El Tercer De Tres

    • 208 páginas
    • Gran Angular. Misteri,22
    6,70€ 6,36€
  • 14,75€ 14,01€
  • 11,00€ 10,45€
  • Andrew Martin Interior Design Review: Vol. 23

    • 496 páginas
    • Anticipation is brewing; who will be named "Designer of the Year"? All is revealed in..
    72,54€ 68,91€
  • First Steps

    • The King’s Indian Defence is one of the great classical counter-attacking openings. The most aggressive world champions (including Mikhail Tal, Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov) have all scored brilliant knockout victories with this open...
    21,47€ 20,39€
  • Belles And Whistles

    • In the heroic days of rail travel, you could dine on kippers and champagne aboard the Brighton Belle; smoke a post-prandial cigar as the Golden Arrow closed in on Paris, or be shaved by the Flying Scotsman's on-board barber. Everyone from schoolboys...
    10,52€ 10,00€
  • European Social Models From Crisis To Crisis:

    • 442 páginas
    • This book analyzes how the transformation of the European political economies - stretching from the crisis after German re-unification and through the Great Recession - has influenced the social models, employment, and inequality in Western Europe.
    168,29€ 159,88€
  • Teach Me

    • Kelly Katz is a Kindergarten Teacher who believes her life is boring and is craving adventure. She is longing to find her "Mr. Right" to come and sweep her off her feet. Her most recent interest does not measure up to what Kelly wants. Right...
    10,07€ 9,56€
  • The Baghdad Railway Club

    • 250 páginas
    • Baghdad in the Great War, and a case of espionage for detective Jim Stringer.
    11,10€ 10,54€
  • The Somme Stations

    • 336 páginas
    • A stunning historical novel of crime in the trenches.
    6,22€ 5,91€
  • Quick Win Media Law Ireland

    • QUICK WIN MEDIA LAW IRELAND is aimed at those who work in the media industry seeking quick and practical answers to legal questions they encounter day-to-day. Written for non-lawyers, it will be useful to public relations, advertising, publishing and digi...
    21,69€ 20,61€
  • 48,10€ 45,70€
  • Death On A Branch Line

    • 272 páginas
    • New railway mystery set in 1911 and featuring detective Jim Stringer. The fifth in the series, which increases in sales with every new volume. 'The period detail is wonderful, the resourceful Stringer and the strong-willed Lydia are appealing characte...
    9,29€ 8,82€
  • Murder At Deviation Junction

    • 256 páginas
    • A train hits a snow drift in the frozen Cleveland Hills. In the process of clearing the line a body is discovered, and so begins a dangerous case for struggling Edwardian railway detective, Jim Stringer. Jim's faltering career in the railway police...
    10,16€ 9,65€
  • Lost Luggage Porter

    • 320 páginas
    • In York, Winter, 1906 - two brothers have been shot to death. Meanwhile, Jim Stringer meets the Lost Luggage Porter, humblest among the employees of the North Eastern Railway company. He tells Jim a tale which leads him to the roughest part of town, a...
    9,29€ 8,82€
  • 53,29€ 50,63€
  • Euros And Europeans

    • 398 páginas
    • Examines how European national governments have been affected by EMU in their social and industrial policies.
    41,19€ 39,13€
  • 18,74€ 17,80€